Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

By Means of Introduction ~

The first thought that I had is how I would add pictures to this thing...
Lesse... Ah... it's in the FAQ!

So... this is me, more or less... I'm Mark. I'm in my early 30s, but I don't look or act the part. I'm a geeth... part goth, part geek. Yes, I could fix your computer problems. No, I won't.

I create web-based documentation for a living, but I want to get wealthy, retire, and do creative, artistic projects instead. I plan on retiring in the next 4 years on the stock options I got from my new job.

I've been in an ongoing relationship with my enamorata Kirsten for over a decade. We're both bi. We are also polyamorous, though we are currently not seeing anyone else. Yes, this means I have slept with two people at once... it's very cuddly and can be more emotionally satisfying than just about anything else you can experience. No, I don't feel mysogynistic or the least bit guilty about it. It's not for everyone, but... try it. You might like it.

I am not conventional. I am not normal. I am unpredictable and erratic.

I may be sanest person that you have ever met.

Why did I set up a LiveJournal? ~
Well, when I started designing my website, I knew I wanted to have some kind of journal... The work of all of my web heroes (and heroines) all tends towards the confessional. This can be a difficult thing for me... I am an intensely private person at times, but I want to push away the barriers that prevent me from achieving my creative goals... I want to transform my life into art and I want to make my art my life... though I'm not really sure I feel comfortable being called an artist. Not everyone, perhaps, is an artist, but we all create art.

...well, my most influential web heroine is Auriea Harvey. I'm sure many of you out there are familiar with her website... well, when I noticed her online journal recently, my choice of which of the many journals out there to use was made up. I mean, how much time do I really have to review the options anyways? She's such a good web designer that I figure I can't pick significantly better than she could.

Doing anything for the web is a painful process for me... actually saying "Yes... this version of my homepage is me... this is the information that I want to tell other people about what it is like to be myself... this is how I want to display it." ... very hard for me.
The cool thing about LiveJournal is that I can just ramble, click, and voila... a snapshot of my persona.

I tend towards tools and solutions that allow me to express myself dynamically and rapidly. If I can't create something both effortlessly and skillfully, I will probably second-guess it to death!

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