Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

What will Rep. Mark Foley do now that he's facing early retirement?

Fishing. Well mostly trolling, really. Except, of course, that he doesn't throw the little ones back. did a search on Mark Foley's email address, only to find out that he had an account with MySpace. Pretty creepy. 

This Republican complication appears to have developed another complication... House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California has proposed to the House that its ethics committee investigate and make a preliminary report in 10 days. She demanded to know who knew of the messages, whether Foley had other contacts with pages and when the Republican leadership was notified of Foley's conduct

Editor & Publisher are also smelling blood, with Did Republicans Cover Up Foley Scandal? GOP Leader Calls 'Wash Post' to Change Story. The Chicago Tribune is also following the story.  


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