Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Adopt a Petfish!

It looks like Petfish is having problems and needs to leave where she is living by April 15th... unfortunately, despite being a young and talented femmegeek, she has had problems finding a decent job in this economy.

It sounds to me like she could use a bit of financial help... so I set up my paypal doodad to give all of you a chance to spend your money productively.

If the image doesn't load... well, Paypal has slow image servers again... but the link should still be good. Click it. Donate. Feel good about it.

Do you really need that latte/sushi/software? Probably not... but it sounds like Petfish needs a place to live. Let's see what kind of help we can come up with for her. With any luck, she'll find a way to pay a month's rent, but any little bit will help until she has a job again, I'm sure.

If you are a friend of Petfish and would like to add this payment thingie to your journal, drop me an email and I will help you set it up.


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