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Normally, while I appreciate Keith Olbermann's POV, I don't always want to draw attention to the constant supply of YouTube videos out there from his latest broadcast, as it's a bit of a tit-for-tat thing, really. O'Reilly and his ilk says something, and Olbermann says something else, but a clear display of the facts of the matter are often missing... even if I am quite familiar with a lot of the facts that Olbermann is basing his arguments on.

So, that's why I'm pleasantly surprised with the clip above, in which he point-by-point refutes the Bush administration's bit of historical revisionism, claiming that they were tough on al Qaeda prior to 9/11, and that Clinton didn't leave him with a comprehensive strategy to fight al Qaeda.  Olbermann and his team have done a great job digging up that evidence, which, by all rights, should be front page news nationwide.

For my more conservative friends out there, I strongly suggest that you watch this video. Even if you don't care for the speaker, I suspect that you'll find the evidence they dug up pretty damning.

It's a dangerous, wrongheaded thing to try to distort history. I think it's high time that Bush admit that his administration dropped the ball more than a few times, and accept his failings, rather than foisting the blame off on someone else. 

The buck stops here.       

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