Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

sleep deprived ramblings...

Can't sleep... insomnia. Yet, I'm supposed to somehow finish off this 140 page manual that I wrote tomorrow... never mind the fact that revisions and changes are still coming in.

So, being a wise fellow, I resorted to what Neal Stephenson refers to in "Necronomicon" as executing a manual override. It was indeed a glorious, intricate, rather involved process.

... and I'm still awake. Hrm.

You know... that's about as direct as I get about sex on LiveJournal. It's a shame. The problem is that my role of what I do for LiveJournal is irretrievably linked with what should be a forum for my innermost thoughts and feelings... and there have been a few minor cases where what I have openly discussed things about my personal life, only to have them overlap with what I do for LiveJournal.

Things relating to LiveJournal have gotten unnecessarily political at times lately, and its really quite sad. It wasn't what I signed up for, exactly... I can argue for reason over personal squabbles, but I don't like being a fucking politician, and I resent the forces in play that force me to be one. I probably would resent it more if I weren't kinda good at it...

I feel like everything that has happened in my life has culminated in me doing what I'm doing. The Internet still means a lot to me... People can talk down the Internet all they want as far as I'm concerned, but to me, it's still the New World, with plenty of things left to be done that haven't been done to death yet. And the dotcoms dying left and right? I have a feeling it will be one of the best things that ever could have happened to the Internet. Screw the idea of making the web safe for capitalism... for every iota of user empowerment that businesses bring to the Internet, they seem to bring a wheelbarrow full of control.

I wonder what will be the next new worlds we will make for ourselves once the Internet is done to death... Maybe we'll have to biologically re-engineer ourselves. If you can't make a new world, you can always change the way you interpret the old one.

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