Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

More storm warnings.

Looks like SuperTyphoon Ioke will be hitting Wake Atoll about 20 hours or so from now -- there's a lot of Pacific Ocean to cross -- but the latest storm track may have another potential unpleasant surprise in store

See that bit of land in the upper left of the track which Ioke is heading towards? The one located at approximately 35 degreen N, 140 degrees E? Well, guess where that is?!

 RSMC Tokyo will be making forecasts as it gets closer to Japan. Fortunately, they predict that Ioke will weaken somewhat as it gets closer to Tokyo... which is just as well, as it's heading more or less straight for it, according to the Navy forecast.

Meanwhile, while Ernesto turned out to be a puffball after drenching Cuba, there's yet another hurricane out there...

Hurricane John, currently off the west coast of Mexico, heading Northwest, up the coast towards Baja Mexico, and then supposedly out to sea. It's currently offshore of Acapulco, giving it a good drenching, but it should stay far enough away to avoid major wind damage. That said,  John is moving north, and could get close enough to Cabo San Lucas at the tip of Baja California to cause significant wind and flooding damage there. 



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