Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Story of my day:
Brad was not a happy camper and was wondering why ASL had failed to return Stan to us after all this time, so I called to find out.

Everything looked hunky dory this morning... they had upgraded Brad's system, which entailed bringing the data on the old system over to a new computer and then doing a 48 hour burn before the system could be shipped. They were going to rush the system out today, if at all possible.

Since Brad seemed irked and I didn't want to lose ASL as a supplier (their systems cost little and have a lot of performance...) I called back in the early afternoon, just to be sure they had things packed up and were shipping today... only to hear that they'd love to get it out to us as soon as possible, but the power was out!

What you say?!! Sure, we had just had rolling blackouts a few months ago, but we were kind of warned... We knew it was coming. No warning today. The day was hot, people used their air conditioners... bang. Rolling power outages. If they didn't have the rolling outages, the whole power grid would collapse, you see. That's not a good thing.

I have to feel a bit sorry for ASL... If you can imagine a testing lab filled with servers and row after row of machines that are doing a pre-shipment burn. All of a sudden, the lights go out, cries of "Sh*t!" echo through the building, all of the results of the burns in progress are lost. (Who can justify uninterruptable power sources for burning their machines? Dell, maybe...) Suddenly, you're left with a bunch of people running around, bathed in CRT and LED light, shutting down servers nicely before they shut down not so nicely...

...and this is a microcosm of what must have been happening today. I heard from Iceblink that the power is off at home too. No refrigeration, no air conditioning, no new Dreamcast... and no Internet.

This is really beginning to suck, and it's not even hot yet. It's going to be one bitch of a summer...

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