Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

This just in -- you're all doomed.

British police have arrested fifteen people, accused of "a major terrorist plot to allegedly blow up aircraft in mid-flight" between the US and Great Britain. Heathrow airport has been closed to all incoming traffic.

What's more, they've banned all carry-on luggage from their flights for the time being, and seem prepared to ban all "electrical or battery powered items" from their planes, including laptops and mobile phones, in addition to "all liquids", including beverages, hair gels and lotions, etc. for who knows how long. (Update: The new regulations for British travellers are available here.)

To which I reply....

"Oh, for &#!$'s sake! Goddamn nanny state!"  

Congrats, Osama Bin Laden. You've won, because our nations are so incredibly whipped, that we'll do anything, just to put off an inevitable backlash to our actions. We thought, being on an island / seperate continent and all, that we were safe, but we were *SOOO* wrong. So, instead of taking our chances on losing a few hundred people a year to terrorist attacks, and, perhaps, learning from them, we're going to destroy our entire way of life instead.

And you know what? We're still going to get it in the end from the silent killer. International flights have now officially become intolerable... and still, we're no safer than we were yesterday from someone boarding a plane with ten pounds of plastique in their colostomy bag. And for those terrorists who don't like to fly, there's always the bus. I hear they're hiring at the local school, too.

Could you imagine spending an eight-hour plane flight next to a thirteen-year-old without access to any electronic devices? Oh, the horror. Let's hope they allow us to bring horse tranquilizers on planes instead. We're all going to need them.

That said, it might be an appropriate time to reflect upon all the good things we gain by engaging in endless incitement of Moslems, having troops in Arab countries, and engaging in open warfare against Islamic terrorists.

I got nothing . How about you?!    

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