Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

NYC mayor purjures self, sold NYC to Republican Party.

Looks like New York City anti-war protesters might finally get their message heard, and possibly get rid of the mayor of New York at the same time.

According to documents that have been released released in a lawsuit filed against the city, it turns out that Mayor Bloomberg purjured himself when he provided a sworn statement that he had "no knowledge at all" regarding the permit application for a civil rights, anti-war rally on the Great Lawn during the RNC Convention in New York City.

In fact, the evidence released -- internal emails, primarily -- indicate that the mayor was directly involved in the refusal of the permit, denying the citizens of New York City the constitutional right to lawfully assemble and protest.

In litigation, the City of New York initially refused to produce a July 11, 2004 e-mail claiming it was privileged. The Partnership for Civil Justice challenged this designation, and forced the City to produce the e-mail, which is from Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe to Mayor Bloomberg. In it, Commisioner Benepe writes to the Mayor as follows:

"Following your call, spoke with Ray [Kelly, Commissioner of Police] about 10 minutes ago. Coincidentally, our lawyer and Chief McManus and the Law Dept. are meeting at this very minute to agree on the language and strategy of the letter rejecting the Arab-American rally on the Great Lawn . . . I assume the rejection letter will go out today. I will let you know."

Presumably, someone will get moving on perjury and obstruction of justice charges against the mayor, toot sweet.

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