Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Revenge of "Choose Fresno!"

Some of you might remember my harsh, harsh dissin' of the city of Fresno, California and it's "Choose Fresno" slogan... but I got a comment recently which I really had a hard time disagreeing with:

"fresno is better than iraq.

ya it sucks but as said before it is home; as unfortunate as that is."

My reply?

"Yes, indeed. Fresno *IS* better than Iraq!

(Unless, of course, you live in Fresno, and wish you were dead. In which case, Iraq might be a better choice.)"

For those of you in Iraq, it was a brisk 105 degrees in Fresno yesterday... and they have some pretty damn good tacos too, so how could you not be envious?

Looks about the same, tho...

Latest fun Fresno facts!:

- Fresno's mayor, Alan Autry, is best known as playing Bubba on the television series In the Heat of the Night. Nowadays, He is commonly referred to as Mayor Bubba.

- Police made multiple arrests recently in a suspected gangrape of an 11-year-old by as many as eight Fresno college football players... so I guess there is something to do in Fresno after all.

- There's a Xanga blogring for Fresno users, appropriately entitled "Fresno Really Sucks".

- Read up on Fresno's native son, Marcus Wesson. He's one badass, twisted, serial-killing freak.

- Perhaps you remember the time shortly after actress Anne Heche seperated from partner Ellen DeGeneres, when Heche was found wandering through a city, ranting incoherently to the locals, and had to be hospitalized? That city? Fresno, California. You know you're a f*cked up mess, when you...

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