Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

And verily, you will know the coming of the Lord... the LJ spam that proceeds him.

Just got this quizzical message in the Journalists community:

Машиах в Израиле!!!
Пришёл Час Спасения!
Машиах в Израиле!!!
Признайте Машиаха.
Поклонитесь Ему.
Примите Его всем сердцем и душой.
Спасите себя, спасите мир!
Раскайтесь как в Йом Кипур, простите друг друга.
Признание Машиаха - конец войне!

> > > По любому возникшему вопросу
обращайтесь по телефаксу: 153-893-489-24

***Номер телефона скоро заработает. Звоните, обращайтесь. Вам все объяснят!

From what I can tell, this seems to be saying that the Машиах, Mashiakh, or the Jewish Messiah, is now in Israel, the hour of rescue has arrived, and that people should recognize him, bow to him, accept him, and prostate themselves before him. Acknowleding him means the end of the war. And if you have any questions, just fax the number above, and all will be explained.

So, failing some sort of big, booming voice or a big flashing sign in the Heavens, how are you supposed to find out about these things without a bit of spam? Just adding a single bright star in the sky will obvously not cut it; experience shows that's only of interest to a couple of wise guys with too much time on their hands.

So, let's all give a big shout out to the Messiah! (What took you so long, anyway?!)

And don't forget... you heard it here first!

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