Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Israel drops US bombs on Canadians.

Israel kills eight Canadians in Lebanon. Six other Canadians are reported as critically injured.

At least 15 foriegn nationals have been killed by Israel since the bombing began, including four Brazilians, two Kuwaitis, and an Asian domestic servant of undisclosed origin. In addition, an Indian soldier taking part in the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon was wounded late Sunday when two Israel Defense Forces tank shells hit his position in the border village of Houla.

More Canadians are stranded in Lebanon, trying to escape. Ten thousand of them, in fact.

One of them is Canadian singer Lorelei Loveridge, who is writing about the experience on her website, where she reports encountering a surprisingly strong level of tolerance and respect -- if not outright support -- for Hezbollah amongst ordinary Lebanese citizens.

Fortunately, Canadian PM Harper thinks that Israel's actions in Lebanon are "measured". I'm sure that the Canadian people take comfort in his balanced analysis of the situation.

Besides, Canadian citzens should be used to having American-made bombs dropped on them by now, eh?! I, for one, feel safer knowing that our terrorist friends to the north are getting their just rewards.

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