Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The cost so far:

According to Reuters, "Israel's onslaught. . . has killed more than 100 people, all but four of them civilians." Numerous Lebanese civilians have been killed on the highways, apparently trying to flee the fighting. Pictures and details are available here.

Meanwhile, rockets rained down today on Haifa, hitting a train station and killing 9 people, while wounding numerous others, bringing the number of civilians killed in Northern Israel to approximately 13, with an additional 12 Israeli military personnel dead or missing thus far, several of whom were crewmembers of the Israeli warship which was hit off the Lebanese coast.

Here's a blog in Haifa that is reporting on the attacks in that region. There are also numerous LiveJournalers who are in Haifa; they are disproportionately members of the Russian Jewish population, as Russia is one of the most popular countries for the service. the haifa community has additional details on the attack, for those of you who are fluent in Russian.

There are rumors that the USS Iwo Jima and its seven-ship task force are enroute to Lebanon via the Suez, and that ships from several other countries such as France are also being dispatched, in the hope that they can safely remove their citizens. If this is the case, a ceasefire can be expected during this time period. Just as well, as one Lebanese blogger reported that his friend, an American female, faced an attempted attack by Israeli planes while trying to leave the country. There are reportedly over 25,000 American citizens in Lebanon, though it is assumed that many have already fled the country.

Here is an interesting, strongly worded attack on ignorant, blind support for this conflict It should resonate with many Americans, regardless of their personal politics.

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