Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Lebanese on LJ.

I recently invited several Lebanese LiveJournal users to participate in the general discussion on the posts, and have gotten some interesting replies, for those who haven't noticed.

indifferenthues reports that her father helped to build Lebanon's airport, making its destruction by the Israelis particularly hard for her.

cedarseed has contributed some very interesting comments about her government, and recently made a long post on her journal about what she has been going through.

She also pointed out a few interesting things to see:
- is reporting in depth, balanced news on the conflict, albeit in French. Those who can't read French can check out this machine-translated version.

- An Israeli flyer, dropped over civilian areas. Maybe one of you who is fluent in Arabic can translate this?

- Several pictures of the Israeli airstrikes.

Additional sites to explore - - A reporter from the Guardian, blogging from Beirut. - Lebanese political journal - from the creators of Electronic Intifada

Expect more info as it arrives.

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