Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Israeli soldiers target FoxNews reporters.

The video is available here.

It's not good to shoot at the press, or, for that matter, to shoot at people who are really quite a long ways away who may or may not be identifiable. If you're a soldier who knows there are reporters and they're somewhere that they really shouldn't be, shooting at them is *NEVER* an acceptable way of dealing with the situation. It's a violation of the rules of war, in fact.

Fortunately, the Republican Party has plenty of people willing to play the role of apologists for the Israelis when they shoot at US citizens, run over them with bulldozers, assasinate them inside the United States, or simply attack US military vessels without provocation, pouring machine gun fire into their crowded life rafts as they tried to escape.

Somehow, our other allies manage not to do these kind of things, y'know?! And they generally don't get routinely caught spying on us, or play cheerleader or send us crappy, distorted intelligence in order to get us to fight their wars for them, either.  

So, what to think of this situation? Well, if Israel is really a friend to the United States, it makes you wonder, at minimum, what have they done for us lately. This evidence of indiscriminate shooting also makes you wonder how many innocent civilians are also getting targeted by Israeli snipers. As FoxNews said in the video, "Bad guys shoot at anything."

(...except Bill O'Reilly, apparently.)

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