Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Everyone's a terrorist these days...

If Lebanon is a terrorist state because of Hezbollah then isn't Israel a terrorist state because of their fundamentalist wackos too? I mean, what else would you call a paramiliary group that pays people $4500 to kill other people they don't like?

If these ultra-Orthodox Jews do succeed in causing the death of their fellow Israelis, then won't the State of Israel be required to retaliate? Maybe they could bomb their airports, blow up a few bridges, or kill a few innocent civilians or something... just to teach the terrorists a lesson.

Because everyone knows that nothing succeeds quite like collective punishment... yesssir! That'll make lots of friends.

If you ask me, Israel is playing into Hezbollah's hands. Hezbollah was gradually losing power and influence over the Lebanese people, but if Israel overreacts and engages in collective punishment tactics and military incursions, then the ranks of Hezbollah's followers are going to grow.

True strength comes from posessing the moral high ground. From turning the other cheek. From showing compassion, mercy, and friendship. By responding to attacks in either a highly targeted manner, or, if that is impossible, by not responding at all outside of mourning your losses. True strength requires self-sacrifice and self-restraint in order to protect the innocent. It seems odd and incongruent that Israel, of all countries, doesn't seem to recognize this simple truth.

A plague on both their houses.

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