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This just in from the conflict in Afghanistan...

Censorship!  And lots of it! The Afghani government has provided reporters with a whole big list of things the media cannot do or say. 

"This means that the media cannot talk about the reality of what is going on in Afghanistan - the killings, car bombs and military operations," Vincent Brossel, head of Reporter Sans Frontiers' (RSF) Asia Pacific desk, told IRIN from Paris.

Some of the things specifically are cited as "things which must be banned or restricted" include:

• Reporting on enemy statements.
• Reports which cause irritation or imply national disunity.
• Interviews with insurgent commanders.
• Reporting on acts of terrorism as the lead story of the news.
• Reports that hurt public morale and cause disappointment.
• Reporting on religious decrees.
• Reports against the presence of coalition forces.
• Reports that suggest low morale amongst Afghanistan's military.
• Referring to the Mujahideen as “warlords”.
• Reports that endanger territorial unity and national sovereignty.
• Potentially provocative reports relating to riots and violence.
• Reporting on topics that violate public morals and customs.
• Referring to the enemy as warriors, resistance, etc.
• Negative, harsh, or slanderous reports against public figures.

So, basically, the new rules are so vague that a reporter can't really report the news accurately. Got it.

I have the full translated text of the document, which is as follows:

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The public media as bridge between people and government has a significant

role. Although the rule of press justifies and directs of their activities, in the

current circumstances, it is important that the media must ban or restrict

broadcasting those materials which deteriorate the morale of the public, cause

security problems and which are against the national interest. The following

must be banned or restricted:

organizations and terrorist groups.

Publication and broadcasting of provocative statements of armed

exaggerated reports against national unity, or against peace throughout

the country and those report that cause intolerance of language,

religious, ethnic and local diversities.

Broadcasting and publications of reports which cause irritation, any

terrorist groups those who have participated in armed conflict against

the government, and filming or photographing them, and broadcasting

or publication of those reports that have been prepared in the favor of

and in order to bolster the morale of the enemies of peace and security.

Conducting interviews with high ranking well known commanders of

News of terrorist activities must not come as the lead story of the news.

disappointment to them, and publication and broadcasting of gossip and

rumors which are against the security and welfare of society.

Those materials that deteriorate people’s morale and cause

enemies that are against the tranquility of the people.

Broadcasting and publications of religious decrees of terrorists and

slanderous and which are against the presence (in Afghanistan) of the

international coalition forces and ISAF.

Negative propaganda, interviews and reports which are provocative or

want to represent that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is not Islamic,

or combating terrorism is a kin to combating Islam.

Broadcasting and publication of any views of the people’s enemies who

Afghanistan’s armed forces is weak.

Those reports that aim to represent that the fighting spirit in

the Mujahideen and call them “warlords” and those which call

technocrats as “Westernized” and subjects of this nature which create

division and conflict.

Broadcasting and publication of provocative articles which are against

territorial independence, territorial unity and national sovereignty of the


Broadcasting reports, subjects, articles and discussions which endanger


Avoidance or abstinence from exaggeration of accidents and terrorist

be published and violence should be condemned.

Reports relating to riots and violence which are provocative should not

are against the morals, religious and accepted customs of the public

which provoke people and cause security problems.

Broadcasting and publication of programs and subject matters which

etc should not be used to describe terrorists and killers.

The use of titles of respect such as warriors, resistance, peace keepers

inaccurate, undocumented, harsh and slanderous which are defamatory

specifically against important figures, and in accordance with article 2

provision 33 of the Press Laws are forbidden.

Broadcasting and publication of interviews and reports that are

governmental and military secrets and cause a deterioration of relations

among three branches of state and results in reduction of the prestige of

the government and parliament.

Live reports from meetings and ceremonies that disclose confidential

against the government’s foreign policy in regard to neighboring

countries that puts the government in conflict with neighboring


In the following cases, we ask cooperation of mass media.

Broadcasting and publication of those reports and interviews that are

news of incidents related to the armed forces.

Improvement in the method of news, sentences and words used in


Disclosure of the real face of terrorists and their isolation from the

forces in the capital and provinces and particularly, in the country’s

border areas.

Dissemination of the spirit of resistance and the bravery of the armed

adopting a defensive policy against this type propaganda.

Disclosure of the propaganda of the enemy of peace and security and

which are inhumane, and which uncover and disclose their criminal


Dissemination of reports by the media relating to activities of terrorists

public relations and spokespersons and the media.

In observing and executing the above, according to directions of the leaders of

the government, we want the cooperation of all media organizations and their

responsible personnel.

Strengthening of relations and improvement of cooperation between

Copying and broadcasting and distribution of this document is not authorized.



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