Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The conflict in Afghanistan spreads.

This article, based largely on an interview with the Director General of Pakistan's intelligence service, is both troubling and rings true.

Basically, he claims that the insurgency in Afghanistan has spread from being centered around the Taliban, to also include warlord, tribal, and religious fundamentalist groups within Afghanistan society.

"This is a pure Afghan style of resistance in which (an Afghani leader) could be seen to be silent, but his aides, relatives and tribe would be active in the resistance. And when the resistance reaches a certain level, the main person goes back to his region to dig out his arms cache, which he would have stored a long time ago, and then joins hands with the resistance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg you are watching; this situation will further escalate as the whole environment is now conducive to resistance. Russia is annoyed with the Americans, Iran is hostile to Western interests and Pakistan is no more in a position to adhere to American directives.

The trade of raw opium [in Afghanistan] has reached US$2.4 billion, and the trade of narco-drugs has reached up to $4 billion. Where are the drugs going? Of course, they come from Afghanistan and go to Russia. Even if 10% of the trade is used for arms purchases, it serves the purpose of the resistance. And what else could Russia do to support the anti-US resistance but just turn a blind eye on the drug trade? And it is doing so."

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