Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Worst. Abuse. Evar!

When Zarqawi was killed, I was curious about where I had heard of Task Force 626 before. Well, now I know.

There have been numerous allegations of torture and sexual abuse by the unit over in Iraq. The ACLU has quite a collection of formerly classified DoD documents that reference claims of abuse against the unit, including their presumed use of fake names and "lost files" to cover up potential abuses.

They're accused of more of the same... beatings, torture, rape. Searching the DOD records that the ACLU has that refer to TF-626 is pretty chilling stuff, best done on an empty stomach.

But one reported claim of abuse sticks out amongst the rest...
A 17-year old Iraqi who reports being beaten for eight days, kicked, electrocuted, sodomized by a dildo...

...and raped by a woman using an "industrial penis."

You know, I tend to believe this story, just because I cannot see how an Iraqi could possibly make up something so batshit insane!

I mean that too... it's just too frickin' statistically unlikely! I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but can anyone direct me to the nearest Iraqi distributor for f*cking machines? How would a 17-year-old Iraqi boy even know about f*cking machines (NSFW) anyway? Is he amongst the .0013 percent of Iraqis (based on CIA Factbook numbers) of Iraqis who have Internet access, or what?

If so, then clearly Coalition forces have succeeded in capturing the kinkiest, lyin'est teenaged insurgent in all Iraq!

(Of course, failing such an unlikely event, the allegation of US soldiers raping a minor with a fucking machine are probably true.)

So, how do you procure a budget for an "industrial penis" in the military anyways? Do you have to fill out some kind of special form to get approval from your CO, or is it just something you have shipped over from home because you're an avid hobbyist? Did the female soldier own the fucking machine, or did it belong to one of the men involved? If she was the owner (which, in my mind, would be a better, more understandable thing than it being owned by one of the men, or by the U.S. Department of Defense) did she insist on being at the controls because "it was her baby"... her precious little "home away from home", not to be trusted in the hand of some run-of-the-mill thug, but only in the hands of a skilled Marquise de Sade?!


Your taxpayer dollars at work.

Obviously Task Force 626 needs a good nickname. How about "The Aristocrats!" (again, NSFW.)

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