Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Zarqawi died for your (country's) sins.

Zarqawi is dead. Long live the new Zarqawi! ... or maybe the one after him. Or his successor.

(Dunno, really. I feel kind of let down about Zarqawi just up and exploding on us like that. I think, perhaps, that I didn't get closure... Did you get closure?!)

From what I can tell, after two 500 lb. bombs slammed into the neighborhood where Zarqawi was staying, the only people who really got closure were the six others in the general vicinity, including a mother and her child. They got closure... in spades!

Shame, really. Now there's nobody left to blame everything on, except of course for those "deadenders" who, after all this time, have shown themselves to be not particularly good at deadending. Zarqawi's sudden decrepitude should make it a lot easier for Iraqis to form legitimate resistance groups, because Zarqawi, al-Qaeda, and their indiscriminate attacks really were doing a pretty good job of turning Iraqis against the idea of organized resistance, when practically everything else happening in Iraq would only serve to encourage it.

Really, though, the damage has been done. Civil war has been effectively fomented and is a stone cold fact, all the way from Basra to Ba'iji. So, who needs Zarqawi anymore?

As they say, every time a passage to hell closes, a firey chasm opens.

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