Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

how sad...

Read here for details.

A 14 year old in Jeb Bush's home state of Florida is being sent away for life without the possibility of parole, for the murder of a 6 year old girl when he was twelve. Amnesty International is protesting the sentence, indicating that it is a violation of international law, which states that the possibility of parole cannot be denied to children, however serious their crime.

So, when do children become unreformable criminals? I couldn't think of a worse fate for anyone so young. Sentenced to an unbearable life with no possibility for redemption and no hope. A true life sentence. What could a kid like that hope for in life? A quick and painless death?!

It certainly would put a new face on crime if we allowed the kid to be sentenced to death and broadcast the execution on television, wouldn't it?

Most people don't support it, but I am in favor of broadcasting executions if that is the wish of the person being executed. Lets put the Death Show on in prime time, right before Dharma and Greg. Let us watch the (largely minority) parade of criminals being led to their doom. Remove the mask from the face... let us all stare death in the eye for one night a week.

"That's barbaric!" you say? Give it a rest... after all, it's not like your little Bobby and Jenny haven't seen death before. Remember that movie you rented last night? Little Bobby is still running around with his squirt gun shooting his sister...

Let's make death real for little Bobby, and everyone else too! Sure some may find it scary and disturbing... Worse still, you might actually have to talk to your kids!

Americans, as a society, are the worst kind of cowards... the violent kind. They glorify phony violence, while refusing to confront the real gore that they inflict on each other and on the rest of the world every day.

America, in short, is like an unreformable, violent sociopath who feels no remorse for their actions and should be locked away for the good of society. Then again, perhaps it's not too late. Perhaps America can be reformed...

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