Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Fox News? Most trusted?!? Well, that's one way of putting it.

Several of the neocon sites out there are crowing about a recent poll that came out, sponsored by Reuters and the BBC, asking 10,000 people in the world what their most trusted news source is.

Well, according to this poll, FoxNews is America's most trusted news source! (Then again, the poll also gives high marks to Al Jazeera.)

What these sites don't point out, however, is the detailed data from the pollster, which randomly called 1000 United States citizens. (Rhone surveys tend to be slanted towards Republicans, btw, in that they typically underrepresent the young, the poor, and minorities.)

According to their survey, the top trusted news sources in the US are:
FOX News (11%)
CNN (11%)
ABC (4%)
NBC (4%)
National Public Radio (3%)
CBS (3%)
Microsoft/MSN (2%)
USA Today (2%)
New York Times (2%) (1%)
Time Magazine (1%)
friends/family (1%)

I find it impressive that CNN, which has a smaller audience than Fox News and is available on far fewer channels, basically tied the de facto media source for most diehard Republicans. And look at the other "most trusted" sites. It's a virtual list of what most diehard Republicans consider to be the "liberal media". That might be alright news for Fox, in that is means that they've established a niche, but how is that good news for the Republican Party?

What I find really odd is this Reuters story on the survey, which doesn't even mention CNN, even though it basically tied with Fox News.

Given that Fox News has a considerably larger audience than CNN -- it's carried regularly on pretty much every Fox affiliate station -- it appears that there are a lot of people who watch Fox News, but who don't consider it particularly credible. Likewise, it's a pretty fair thing to say that a larger percentage of CNN viewers consider the network to be the most credible, as opposed to how Fox News' audience, which doesn't have the same level of trust in their news coverage.

Ultimately though, the nature of the survey itself is what's most misleading. It's a bit like saying that Hitler was the most trusted politician in Germany back in 1933, even though he only won 30.1% of the vote.

Presumably, the other 69.9% didn't feel the same way.

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