Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

New spinners, same old lies.

So, Rove and McClellan are gone, eh?! I'd celebrate if it weren't for the fact that this shakeup will make it appear to some that Bush is actually willing to moderate his views now and then. (Not likely.)

Nobody doubts their skill at spinning issues, but apparently Bush's new Chief of Staff Josh Bolten thinks that they've been played out, and that a bit of variety (and perhaps even a bit of boredom) would be healthy, as it might make the lies seem that much fresher.

I wonder what the new communications "feel" will be. Militaresque? Something elaborately meant to feel more "real", "edgy", or "truthy", albeit without having to adhere to a reality based world?

Really, it will be interesting to see just how they dress this pig up!

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