Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Another razor-thin election... Berlusconi booted?!

Reuters is reporting that Romano Prodi's center-left coalition has won control of Italy's lower house of parliament. Italy's Senate still remains in doubt, but Prodi has declared that his coalition has secured a majority there as well.

According to Prodi's coalition, they are on course to win a one-seat majority in the Senate, and a slim majority in the lower house of parliament. This is fortunate, as without a majority in both houses, another election would be required. Italy's two houses duplicate each other's functions and a government needs the support of both to take office and to pass laws.

Prodi recently stated that he would pull Italy's 2,600 troops from Iraq "as soon as possible" should he win the election. Such a withdrawl could potentially require that additional US troops be deployed. Italy's withdrawl might also encourage the remaining US coalition partners, such as Poland or Romania, to withdraw their forces sooner.

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