Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Fun with Google Finance searches!

Google Finance's search engine indexes all the words used in the Company Summary field, and includes not only corporations in its listing, but also government departments.

If you scramble the words that are used, you can create some great, strange, and often quite appropriate searches.

People that use this company's international sites are freely targeted.

Operating systems that support spam on home PCs. What tools!

This company designs and markets a redundant OS.

The US' secret terrorist agency!

Global insects who are controlling farmers with seeds.

This nazi organization focuses on race violence, sustainable disasters, and the sale of second-hand food to famine victims!

Who engineered this? Adult incontinence products with electronic components?! Fire the douche bag... and lynch them!

It is fun to hack a game conglomerate!

Fraud, protecting the presidency, and organized attacks against US internet communication!

Evil music empire!

Provides drugs and adult magazines to school children!

F*ck life. Start a drug lab!

Home to a genius scientific faculty and nine Nobel laureates; full of Beijing research students not sanctioned by the government. Chinese bastards!

Merchant of death!

The head office of this bank has crap for management.

Once dead video game monopoly! Evil...

Addicted to working? Addicted to love?! Heroin may help.

Big, tasty sandwiches, shakes and cookies = big, soft United States.

Once the largest buyer and seller of the US' management.

Begun as a fabrication, offering faulty electrical services. The US bought Enron, Enron bought us, and we bought the company back in 2002.

Kenneth Starr is thick, big, and litigious!

I need nitrous, a joint, a wide variety of pharmaceuticals... and for you to blow me in a manlier way. That is what I need.

Bush is proof that money makes a difference when you're up against service.

Coulter needs a disease.

Rush is a manufacturer for the Right. Dr. has the right to sell and distribute to Rush. Brisk!!!

Roommate disasters!

This security company's hackers introduced worms inside the network. Thieves!

This company is engaged in the distribution of raw Thailand-based porn. A used rubber is required.

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