Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Crackdown in Belarus.

On Friday, the Belarussian government stormed the camp of the protesters, clearing square and arresting hundreds, apparently in a move designed to deny protesters access to the nationally symbolic area prior to a large scheduled protest on Saturday.

The arrests were followed by moving protests from parents and family members outside of detention centers, seeking the return of their children.

Saturday, the expected protest occurred, with many thousands of protesters facing off against over 1000 Belarussian security officers blocking access to the square. While the use of force in the most visible areas was somewhat limited, the gloves clearly came off in smaller confrontations.

Some fairly well-heeled weblogs are starting to catch on that LiveJournal is an excellent source of information for global news, unfiltered and undiluted by the media. In addition to my typical sharing of this kind of information with Metafilter users, Global Voices Online relied extensively on LiveJournal users in Belarus for their recent report on the subject. Now if only more mainstream journalists would catch on, rather than parrot someone's talking points.

Many more photos documenting today's protest are available on minsk_by, for those who are interested.

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