Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Wow... they cry like babies too!

Kinderstart is suing Google because Google penalized them for playing games to boost their page ranking.

I'm not always a fan of Google, but since when do businesses have the right to demand a higher page ranking from a search engine? Why on earth should Google be obligated to tell Kinderfarts how their highly secret ranking methods work, unless the goal is for Kinderstart to play games with Google's search algorhythms again?

I know I tried to manipulate you, but your free speech is violating my free speech rights. Say nice things about me and let me manipulate you again, or I'll sue.

So, here's my response. I'll help boost Kinderstart's page ranking by linking appropriate words to their site. How about "childish" and "immature" for starters?

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