Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Beastly women, beastly trade.

The Beijing News reports that authorities are looking for a woman who abused and apparently killed a kitten in a series of online photos, after Chinese bloggers brought the crime to their attention.

the photos...Collapse )

An unofficial wanted poster has been released and distributed widely, which says that, if spotted, the woman should be beaten in the street or sent to a slaughterhouse.

Surprisingly enough, police authorities are actively working with Chinese bloggers to track down the woman. These bloggers have discovered numerous other similar fetish photos of women committing extremely graphic acts of animal abuse and killings, leading police on a hunt into a shady underground of animal torturing fetishists operating in China.

Chinese bloggers opposed to censorship and arrests of their more outspoken compatriots are rallying around this issue, as an example of actual crimes taking place on the internet that actually *should* be agressively pursued by the Chinese government.

**UPDATE - Apparently, this animal crushing fetish first got its major online home with the site, which has since been taken down by the Chinese government. shows a bit of what they were like, however, and the kind of sick videos they liked to sell. **
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