Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Covering your Djibouti.

According to the website Hack Canada, a SGT Kris Lenning contacted a Canadian hacker, trying to get them to take down a website posted by a US Chaplain who violated OPSEC by releasing information on the operations of a US base in Djibouti called Camp Le Monier. reports that "the Central Intelligence Agency is . . . reportedly using Camp Lemonier as a staging ground for unmanned "Predator" drone aircraft used to track and attack al-Qaida terrorists."

As the soldier says in the correspondence:
"The Person that posted the page is an Army Chaplain, now we have a way of taking the site down but if we do that in means contacting a department that is higher up and will result in him getting in a lot of trouble over something he has done unintentional. Some of the information on the page that is not allowed includes talking about flight schedules, the runway the planes landed on and any information about the base itself in Manda Bay area. To the enemy that base does not officialy exist. So you can see that if this gets reported higher to be taken care of, He could be in real trouble and possibly loose his commission and be kicked out."

Words of advice... if you know something that violates OPSEC, maybe anonymous Canadian hackers aren't the best people to mention it to, eh?

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