Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush protests himself.

"The US is addicted to oil," George W. Bush said tonight in an otherwise unnoteworthy State of the Union address.

... and, of course, based on their track record, he and the Republicans are the ones to fix it, right?

Riiiight. Knowing the Republicans, they'll probably try to find a way to give Exxon, Chevron, and Shell virtual monopolies over non-oil fuel sources too.

Once again, the Bush administration has reached a point where they have had to admit to that pesky thing called reality which they try so hard to avoid most of the time. Bush has zero credibility on this issue. Yes, again.

You almost have to feel sorry for George. After all, he had 9/11, and then war with Iraq, and an angry Venezuela, and now there's a threat of war with Iran, helping to push the price of oil through the roof... and poor George, totally unprepared, stuck in a leaky boat with one left oar in the midst of the perfect storm, going around in circles. You almost have to feel sorry for him.

... if, of course, he didn't start planning for war with Iraq before 9/11, and if he didn't support and fund a military coup and a recall election in Venezuela, and if he didn't accuse Iran of being part of an "axis of evil" and threaten them with airstrikes if they didn't give up their arguably legitimate right to refine uranium.

It's interesting that Bush has basically admitted to what the protesters have been saying all along.

So, if Republicans should now believe that America is addicted to oil, then surely they should also admit that Greenpeace, the protesters, pointy-headed intellectuals, former CIA agents, and that darned liberal media were right, and maybe they deserve a greater degree of credibility than someone likeable and homespun with close ties to the oil industry who tells you what you want to hear. Maybe Republicans should consider the potential consequences of supporting a policy which is terminally in denial until reality hits them in the face. I mean, if Bush was wrong about oil for years, then couldn't he be wrong about global warming too? Just sayin'...

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