Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Future American lawyers to be proud of.

... and Alberto Gonzales.

Alberto Gonzales spoke before law students at Georgetown today, justifying illegal, unauthorized surveilance of US citizens, but during the course of his speech the students in class did something pretty ballsy and brave. They got up from their seats and turned their backs to him.

To make matters worse for Gonzales, additional students came into the room, wearing black cowls and carrying a simple banner, written on a sheet.

Fortunately for him, it was a brief speech... followed by a panel discussion that basically ripped his argument a new asshole.

And, as one of the people on the panel said,

"When you're a law student, they tell you if say that if you can't argue the law, argue the facts. They also tell you if you can't argue the facts, argue the law. If you can't argue either, apparently, the solution is to go on a public relations offensive and make it a political issue... to say over and over again "it's lawful", and to think that the American people will somehow come to believe this if we say it often enough.

In light of this, I'm proud of the very civil civil disobedience that was shown here today."

- David Cole, Georgetown University Law Professor

It was a good day for dissent.
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1) It's not illegal.
2) We're at war - it's not unethical.
3) Those who grasp at straws, purely because they hate Bush, will someday wake up and thank the gods that terrorism did kill them or their families. I'm all for protest, but this is moronic.
You just keep believing in those imaginary monsters, Anonymous. It's an unwinable war against a made-up political cause--an idea. Terrorism can't be eradicated. In fact, since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, the frequency of terrorist acts has only increased as George Bush has continually polarized his platform into one of "Christians vs. Infidels" instead of "Freedom vs. Oppression".
It's nice to see students active in campus politics and expressing free speech, but it would also be nice if they had bothered to accurately quoted Ben Franklin. What's on the sheet is not Ben Franklin's quote but a misquote. The actual and accurate quote is: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." [source: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor, November 11, 1755.—The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, ed. Leonard W. Labaree, vol. 6, p. 242 (1963).]

You would think future lawyers would have done proper research to obtain the actual quote.
It's called paraphrasing, and it's often done to save space. Relax, son.
that was fantastic! thanks...
This is a good thing. It's just a shame that it's come to this.

Once things like this become widespread, then the administration will start getting more aggressive with their police actions.

Before you know it, we'll have our very own police state!

(If only someone in power would actually do something to bring politics back into balance. Where are the moderates and strong democrats when you need them?)

BTW love your blog. Do you mind if I add you as a friend?
(sniff) I gots ta say... yall kikked my arse oot there! keep that feelin as the bushies are haulin yer buns to a yugoslavian black-ops prison for a lil 'interogation'. much love!- the Rev. Min-T-Phresh
I'd clap if you could hear me do so.
I got linked here offa someone else's journal, and I just wanted to say that this gives me a big burst of hope for humanity. Thank you.

Oh yeah.


January 25 2006, 18:19:09 UTC 12 years ago

Oh yeah, god Bless young american.. ;) In fact, I'm pretty sure young people all around the world would revolt against this. unauthorized surveilance is totally unaceptable.. Thanks to people like Mr. Bush, we live in a world where the government is trying to make us like in a "Big Brother" like society.

[Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News
This makes me very happy, and given where it happened, gives me some much-needed hope for this country.


January 25 2006, 18:49:45 UTC 12 years ago

wiretapping ? surveilance ?

didn't the US loathe communism ? how ironic !



January 25 2006, 19:10:47 UTC 12 years ago

maybe things will start to move - FINALLY - back in the right direction. If ENOUGH PEOPLE make stands like this using peaceful civil might help turn the tide of this nastiness before it becomes too late, and the current administration has its evil tendrils into everything and takes over forever and ever. Don't laugh, it might happen.

During the Clinton Administration, we were (allegedly) not at war, despite his declaring a War on Terror of his own.

Yet his Justice Department rolled tanks into a compound at Waco, killing 76 innocent men, women, and children, with no compelling reason to do so other than "we heard there might have been child abuse going on".

The Branch Davidians never had posed any credible threat to our country or way of life, certainly not compared to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Iraq, or Iran.

"I take full responsibility" ultimately claimed, which ultimately meant: nothing.

Fast forward a few years to an armed assault upon a quiet Florida household early in the morning, with a semi-automatic weapon famously pointed directly in a child's face, for the express purpose of abducting that child (from a family who was given care of the child by the INS) prior to a court hearing to determine appropriate legalities, in order to relocate the child to a fascist dictatorship run by a well-known murderous tyrant.

Elian Gonzalez remains a de-facto prisoner in Cuba, but was he, or his family, any threat, at any time, to any American, justifying that quasi-military action?


Yes, wiretapping bugs me. My privacy being invaded bugs me. (Puns intentional.) But that happens all the time, when the State is called upon to defend the "rights" of people against things like sexual harrassment, for example.

But I'll take the .000001% likelihood that Bush&co are wiretapping me now, on the theory that I've got "terrorist ties" (which I don't), over the much greater (and demonstrably harmful) likelihood that gun-control-promoting Socialist weazels masquerading as "rights-loving Democrats" will have their armed thugs invade my house, point weapons at me, and maybe even pull the trigger, simply because I'm a Christian (which I am), I care about children (which I do), or I wish to free people from slavery (also true).

Get some perspective, people. Learn to turn your backs on TRUE evil as well, not just on those who appear to thumb their noses at comparative legal niceties when they legitimately (if perhaps foolishly) believe it's necessary to defend life, limb, and liberty.
1. You terribly over simplify the raid on the Davidian compound. The Davidians had enough artillary to repel the initial raid, and, interestingly enough, the warrent for the raid was for violation of federal weapons statues.

2. Are you telling us to get some "perspective" by comparing the deaths of 76 people and the legal deportation of 1 small child to the actions of the current administration that resulted in the deaths of over 10,000 innocent Iraqi citizens, 2,200 Americans and over 16,000 American wounded???

You're correct. There is a little perspective to be needed here, but I'm pretty damn sure we're not the ones that need it.
I work for attorney's in a marketing capacity and find them mostly self-serving, egotistical, contemptuous of and completely cut-off from the staff that works for them. I wonder how many of these future attorneys will carry their beliefs with them as they begin to prosper and become a part of the establishment. I can only hope (given the utter apathy towards speaking out and standing up for what you believe in - except for the religious fundamentalists and the crooks in the white house), that they will continue to be conscientious about preserving our privacy and individual rights here in America (other than gun control). We are looking more and more like those countries we criticize so harshly for offenses again their own people (spying and torture are no longer unacceptable in the upper eschelons of our government).
The top of the second image is a nag image about hotlinking, even if you go to the site its being hosted on. Can you get a clean host for that image?
Done. Sorry.


12 years ago

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