Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Sharon's brain goes under the knife again.

For the third time, even. Sure hope he doesn't need all those brain cells they keep cutting into. If they don't stop soon, his brain is going to resemble grandma's bizzare jello recipe that she'd make for every family gathering.

Wow... maybe God *DID* smite him. He just did an imperfect job of it.

It's worth noting that Robertson lumps the ideology of today's Southern Baptists squarely to the right of Likud, off in the middle of cloud-kookoo land. Has he finally gone so far that he's going to offend his constituency? Of course not. All we need is a neonazi, born-again Christian sect of Israeli settlers who violently oppose all democratic efforts to bring peace to Israel in order for Robertson to find his ideological bedmates on this issue. They could even share the same costumes... Christian soldiers with a goosestep!

Thanks to Robertson, it's apparently acceptable to believe that God wants Sharon to die, but it's another thing entirely to suggest that Sharon was a pretty awful human being, a war criminal, and the ideological doppelganger of Yassir Arafat, and that perhaps a genuine peacemaker would do a better job of forging a fair and lasting peace.

It should be noted, btw, that Sharon is currently not the head of the government of Israel, and that his unconscious corpse is therefore arguably eligible for extradition to Belgium where it can stand trial for crimes against humanity. If you thought that the fight over Terri Schiavo's body was a laugh-riot, well, maybe we can do even better. It would be pretty amusing for Sharon to wake from his coma in a few years only to find himself in prison, after being tried "in abstentia", so to speak.

That said, I think that Robertson is right about one thing. I think it's fairly safe to say that Jesus would want a united Israel. Unlike Robertson, however, he'd want the Israelis and the Palestinians to live together, without all the killing and ethnic purging, sharing the land in peace in a way not enforced by the tyranny of arms.

I mean, here was a guy who had the chance to proclaim himself the Messiah -- the king of the Jews. Jesus could've created an army of followers, kicked the Romans out, formed the State of Israel, and lived, well, like a God... but he didn't. Judas -- always the moneyman -- did the calculations, saw that he was going to get screwed on the deal, and promptly sold Jesus out for chump change.

It should be pointed out, however, that once Judas realized that he had betrayed Jesus, he threw the money he was paid away and hung himself in remorse. In that sense, Pat Robertson and his followers share Judas' beliefs on Israel, but lack his conviction.


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