Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Christmas in Iraq.

There are a few LiveJournalers in the military serving in Iraq this Christmas whose journals aren't commonly known, but they could use some cheering up this year.

darkstariniraq says:

merry Christmas

well not really. no e-mail no cards, nothing. it is Christmas eve and I am alone. there will be no presents tomorrow. no good food, and no talking with anyone. I just hope that tomorrow goes by fast, and is over.

rothe says:


merry fuckin krismas.

strypgia got mortared for Christmas... and if that's not cheery enough, today isn't just Christmas Eve for realize. It's his birthday too.

So, here's something you can do in lieu of a Christmas present. Reply to their journals, wish them a Merry Christmas (or happy birthday...), and send them a link to something that will cheer them up.

Sounds good?!

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