Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Dissecting Army recruitment numbers.

The good news:
The Army has made its recruitment goals for the sixth straight month.

The bad news:
Their recruitment goals on a per-month basis this year are less than they were last year, and still, the Army isn't on track to meet its annual goal of 80,000 new active-duty soldiers by Sept. 30th.

The worse news:
This month last year, the Army signed up 6,838 soldiers. This year, however, the Army only signed up 5,856.

Sounds to me like the Army has applied a common trick used by corporate accountants. If you have annual goals that you cannot meet, the best way to fail to meet those goals (and to upset the least number of shareholders) is to create goals that you can meet for most of the year, and that you cannot meet for only some of the year. That way, your numbers only look bad for a single quarter, rather than all year around.

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