Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Stamps are getting cooler.

Someone on MeFi the other day mentioned that the US Postal Service is going to release a pretty cool set of superheroes stamps next year, but they overlooked a few other very cool things... like the new Greta Garbo and Muppet stamps, for instance. For those who love the Corps, there's also the Distinguished Marines collection. That said, Garbo is infinitely sexier than Lewis B. Puller in my book.

What I find most interesting, though, is that the USPS is now allowing custom-made stamps. Although these have a terms-of-service that looks pretty intimidating ('s TOS seems to be the least intimidating of the bunch, sadly.) That said, you can probably get away with a lot. I'd love to do a collection of stamps based on web-memes, myself. An "all your base" stamp, perhaps, or maybe domo-kuns chasing the kittens. Or there's always this...

So, what's your dream stamp? Feel free to use the design your own stamp tool, do a screen capture, and share the results with the rest of us in the comments!

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