Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Just goes to figure...

It's a sad, sad thing -- indeed, a tragedy -- when a dirty Republican politician sells out his country for $2.4 million, so that he can finally buy that multimillion dollar mansion he's always wanted. Why, it makes you wanna cry...

But frankly, I wouldn't. He doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy. After all, he did defraud the Pentagon during wartime by routing multi-million dollar contracts to vendors who didn't really deserve it, thereby defrauding every taxpayer and wasting Pentagon funds that were badly needed elsewhere... like helping keep our soldiers safe in Iraq, for instance.

If there is a heaven and hell, then I am certain that there's a particularly nasty circle of hell for war profiteers. Just in case there isn't a hell, however, shouldn't we see to it that people like this criminal get the kind of solitary torment that they so richly deserve? He deserves a cold, hard prison cell, and not a multimillion dollar mansion, because he needs to serve as an example for all those war profiteers out there -- and there are many -- who haven't been put behind bars yet.

Don't cry for him. Far more tragic things happen every day to people far less deserving. Trust me on this one.

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