Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


A guy, fed up with having to navigate through worse than useless phone systems at major companies and government bureaucracies, started creating a detailed list of what keys to press in order to reach an operator.

Need to reach someone at Apple? Hit zero three times. If a virtual representative answers, say "operator". Pissed off at PayPal? Go to here for direct dial numbers. To reach a human at Bank of America, hit double zero, or hit three zeroes over at Wells Fargo.

Most viscerally rewarding seems to be Ikea, where you hit 0 rapidly and repeatedly, ignoring the plaintive, inhuman whines of "this is not a valid option..." until their system finally dumps you to an actual human being.

And for those veterans I know out there, if you ever want to get through to someone at VA in a hurry, hit the 1 and 0 buttons on your phone.

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