Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Iraqi politicians unite to give US coalition the boot.

In a unified draft statement today from Iraq's National Congress, the council demanded "a timetable for the immediate withdrawal of foreign troops" from Iraq -- a concession that president Bush has been previously unwilling to give.

The statement also recommended a "immediately setting up a national program to rebuild the armed forces in a way that will allow them to control the security situation and put an end to terrorist operations" and called for a release of all prisoners held without trial. Such statements have been seen as vital in order to bring the Sunni into the political process. Essentially, the Sunni are gaining a significant political victory, in exchange for forming a unified front against foriegn terrorists and hardline Baathists.

That said, such a treaty can only be seen as a unified rebuke to the United States, who must now try to persuade the Iraqis that it is in their best interest to maintain US troops in Iraq, and to support the US-dominated economic policies previously put in place by the Bush administration.

Interestingly enough, the statement also defended legitimate resistance to Coalition forces.

"Although resistance is a legitimate right of all peoples, terrorism however does not represent legitimate resistance, so we condemn terrorism and acts of violence, murder and kidnapping."

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