Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The end of the line for the transcontinental railroad.

If you ever felt the desire to take a long train ride across America, you'd better do it soon. The Bush administration has gutted funding for Amtrak in all regions outside of its most profitable corridors and plans on shutting down most of the major midwest train routes in the near future.

Their first step in doing this? Firing the current head of Amtrak, who opposed the Bush administration's goal of privatizing profitable routes while shutting down train service to rural America that requires subsidies.

Amtrak, which is supposed to be a government-operated national train service, has increasingly been cut back to its most profitable routes in the West and Northeast, while service for the South and Midwest has been cut back substantially. Attempts to modernize it and make it more competitive with airlines by adding bullet train service have cut or postponed indefinitely at the federal level in most cases.

So, as airline service to the Midwest shuts down or gets cut due to lack of profitability, and even Greyhound stops offering service, the Bush administration wants to cut and run too. Who needs the Midwest anyway, right?!

After all, at a cost of $1.1 billion dollars a year, providing a national train service is just unrealistic in this day and age. Why, Amtrak costs almost as much money to operate for a year as we spend every six days to keep our soldiers in Iraq!

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