Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Governator terminated.

Huzzah! All the divisive, mean-spirited state propositions in California that Schwarzenegger supported are going down in flames!

For those not in California, Schwarzenegger basically spent the last year blaming teachers, nurses, and firefighters for the state's problems. (Everybody knows that our teachers, nurses, and firefighters are paid so well, after all... Why couldn't I make the big bucks in teaching, instead of going into computers?!)

Basically, he wasted the last year trying to bring about a "special election" in order to ram propositions down our throat. You've got to be careful around Schwarzenegger. Most of the time when people reject his unwanted propositions, he grabs their ass.

Hey Arnie, got a headache?! Maybe it's a tumor!

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