Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

It's a fact -- Bush administration lied about Saddam link to Al Qaeda.

Senator Carl Levin has released a letter indicating that the Bush administration lied about the intelligence they received about links between Saddam and Al Qaeda, reporting an account linking Saddam's Iraq to Al Qaeda as "credible" when, infact, it was found to be "more likely this individual (was) intentionally misleading the debriefers". Infact, they said that the account lacked "specific details on the Iraqis involved, the (WMD) materials associated with the assistance, and the location where training occurred."

They also described Saddam's regime as "intensely secular and wary of Islamic revolutionary movements", and said that Baghdad was "unlikely to offer assistance to a group it cannot control."

The Bush administration knew this information in February 2002, but just about every member of the Bush administration parroted the claims all the way up until the invasion, over a year later.

This information is reportedly the reason why Democrats forced a closed session last week in order to jumpstart a stalled investigation into Bush administration manipulation of the reasons to go to war. If I were a Senator who voted to give Bush the legal justification to attack Iraq, I would've been pissed too. Let's hope this stays in the news for awhile... long enough for people to notice just how badly lied to they were.

Not only did they lie to the American people, they also repeated that lie during their testimony before the Senate. What's more, they repeatedly denied additional requests for information that were made by members of Congress.

So, is it impeachable yet?

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