Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Alito gets high marks...

While women -- over half the population -- are substantially opposed to the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court, there are some people who seem pretty pleased. White supremacists.

The people over at the Stormfront White Nationalist Community, however, are giving him generally positive marks.

"...99% of White Italian Americans in and around Philly are tough White racists. If this one goes soft on the Mulianos, the Italians in Philly would take it out on his relatives."

"He is against civil rights so that has to be a good thing."

"His wife's is named Martha, that's a White name."

Another praised Alito and cited an article which mentions that Alito believes Congress has no right to regulate the private possession of machine guns... and yet another pointed out that there "weren't any women or 'minorities' who were both qualified and willing."

Lastly, a klansman cited this article, pointing out that Alito's policies would oppose to Roe V. Wade, support race-based discrimination in the workplace, support disability-based discrimination, and support for deportation of immigrants without due process. These were all seen as good things.

"According to "Think Progress", Alito is hostile to immigrants. . . Ya' know, I'm beginning to like this guy."

So, it appears that Bush just might solidify his base after all...

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