Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

For those in southern Florida who spent days without power...

it could be worse.

Finally heard back from fresita, who was in Cancun for Hurricane Wilma, and has finally been able to get access to the internet again. Here's a sampling of her latest post.

"Hurricane Wilma hit us Thursday night and stuck around until the wee hours of Sunday morning. We were all expecting something much lighter; thanks to Emily, we were caught unprepared, stocking up for a couple of days of closed grocery stores . . . The reality? A ridiculously erratic hurricane . . . advancing at a pace of about 2 mph. We had no power, no water, and no way of receiving news about what was going on, locked in our houses that were rapidly flooding, hearts in our throats, praying to the sky for the hurricane to be over, not comprehending why a hurricane that was supposed to last 12 hours was still alive after nearly three days.

I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones. I have no apartment, and the house you guys saw in the pictures? I don't even want to talk about it. Everything that was electronic in my apartment is ruined. The water began filtering through the walls, under the door, and once the windows broke, through the windows. On Friday night, without our knowing, the water tank broke, and the water began filtering in through the roof, as well. We were trapped inside a watery prison, too afraid to go outside because of the trees and rocks and traffic lights and traffic signs and general debris that was flying everywhere.

I honestly think most of us thought we were going to die. We couldn't understand why Wilma just kept on blowing around us relentlessly, why it couldn't just pass, leave, go away, and (I'm so sorry) head towards another city . . . I am left with a couple of shirts, jeans, and two pairs of shoes.. . I'm tired, worn out, I've been working in my grandma's neighborhood, clearing garbage, chopping down trees, and collecting buckets of water for people . . . a week after Wilma, only about 40% of the city has electricity, and maybe 20% has running water . . . There are riots in the streets, looters, and military helicopters in the air. We have a 7pm curfew . . . There have been insane acts of vandalism, people breaking into homes . . . stealing things, raping children, beating people. And Pepe Tiger, a guy who owns 22 wild cats (jaguars, tigers, and lions)... his fence broke, and 18 of his animals escaped and are running wild in the city.

It's scary to be here. I am still unsure of what will happen, unsure of whether I'll stick around and help rebuild our city, or if I'll just pick up and start over somewhere else.


See? It could be worse.

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