Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Yet another Republican indictment.

This time for a top Bush fundraiser and former Ohio head of the Bush/Cheney campaign, Thomas Noe, who got 24 of his friends to donate $2000 a piece so that he could bypass fundraising caps. All the prominent Republicans in the state courted Noe, and apparently took their piece of the loot. This isn't Noe's only scandal, though... he's also prominently involved in Coingate!

So, thanks to the determined efforts of Mr. Noe, Ohio's Republican politicians are facing complete meltdown, Bush has a whopping 61% disapproval rating, and the state will almost certainly lean towards the Democrats in the next election. Thank you, Mr. Noe. That's another twenty electoral votes in the blue column!

Just goes to show you... one man *CAN* make a difference!

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