Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

It's not just another Wednesday...

Merry Fitzmas!

I called the date, too! I can't wait 'til tomorrow, when the indictments are unwrapped!

Laissez les têtes rouler!

*UPDATE* - Damn. Looks like they've postponed releasing the indictments. That means either Thursday (which, up until now, isn't a day when the grand jury meets...) or Friday. The reason I didn't suspect Friday is because of the potential risk involved in not having the indictments handled before the last day of the grand jury, but it looks like those risks will be taken anyway. Apparently, those facing indictments have been notified.

Perhaps the delay is because some of the indictments *WERE* approved today, but that they have been sealed for the time being, in the hope that those responsible will plead to lesser/fewer charges and cooperate with the prosecutors. Time's Mike Allen speculates on this theory... sounds like a smart tactic that a smart prosecutor like Fitzgerald would use. Let's hope there are some discussions going on now, and that such tactics work.

Keep in mind that more indictments can be released over time in this matter as more evidence is exposed, so expect the prosecutor to go after the little fish first in the hope that they'll spill the beans. In any event, expect the first wave of public indictments by Friday at the latest.

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