Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Hurricane Wilma upgraded to CAT-3, approaches S. Florida.

Wilma has strengthened to a low category-3 hurricane and is moving at 18MPH, tracking just slightly south of Naples/Bonita Springs, Florida. There is some chance of additional strengthening before it makes landfall, but it looks like it will still be a Cat-3 when it hits. Fortunately, there are indications that the hurricane might hit land and then speed up, weakening as it comes ashore, passing rapidly over Miami and then out into the Atlantic.

While its course is to the north of Key West, it shouldn't be forgotten that Wilma is a very big hurricane. It may considerably effect the Key West region with some of its strongest winds on the eastern side of the hurricane. The area around Miami will also be impacted as the hurricane passes overhead out into the Atlantic, albeit at less than full strength. What might be the bigger risk in this case is tornadoes. There have already been some tornado warnings for southwestern Florida, even though the heart of the storm is still approaching.

You can follow the storm live on channel 10 out of Miami.

Here are a few comments from people in the path of Wilma.

leafbear in Naples:
"Well it's 4:30am and we are still here! The winds are picking up and it's raining like gangbusters. The eye is due to hit south of us (not too far south) in about an hour and a half or so. We are fine where we are, but I am worried about the animals and the power. Hopefully I can save any food that is in the freezer. Last time Winn Dixie had tons of ice. Hopefully it will be the same this time. If not, we will figure something out. I will update again later as I can. Depends on if the intranet here stays up."

bonitaguy in Bonita Springs:
"Here it is Sunday, at 10:00 P.M. Wilma is churning somewhere southwest of here, and I guess I’m about as ready as I’ll ever be. . . Thank the Goddess Wilma is finally speeding up and won’t linger over South Florida causing extensive damage like it did over the Yucatan in Mexico. . . It is getting windier out there. Is it humid! It is definitely a bad hair day out there. No rain yet, but when you look up the clouds are really low and scurrying by. I’ll bet it will be raining before too long. . . I was surprised by how many people are staying here in the neighborhood instead of going to a shelter . . . There are six other homes on my block with people riding out the storm. This is unusual. I’m usually the only person that stays during these storms.

Well, Dixie, my dog, Kitty Kat, and I are hunkered down and ready for whatever the storm will bring. More later if we don’t lose power or the Internet."

busta2kbia in Naples:
"Less than 4 short hours left to live... soon we will all be gone, our streets and buildings with us, our beloved city gone. But ignoring the fact that im going to die soon, I have rediscovered a bunch of songs that I really used to like. I totally forgot about them, but now I found them on Itunes and I remember all the words and everything."

drivethrustars in Naples:
"im bored!!! I decided to drink by myself haha how cool am I c'mon? What else is there to do during a hurricane? Not a damn thing. Mostly everyone left and went to Orlando or Tampa of some sort. I guess ill watch a movie."

luvmi4mi in Naples:
"Wilma is hitting us in about 30 min. be safe you."

unreachbltruckr in Naples:
"its started
its raining really hard
and the wind is loud
I can hear it
the wind is expected to get up to 140 mph.


Personally, I don't think it will be that bad. That said, I wouldn't want to imagine what would've happened had Wilma not hit the Yucatan. The tornadoes might suck, though.

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