Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

I *knew* there was a good reason that skank was in jail!

An email from New York Times' Executive Editor Bill Keller to his staff was leaked to the Washington Post, who has made it public! Give it a read... there's lots of fresh meat there.

It's essentially a letter of apology, in which the editor indicates that Judith Miller misled the paper about the extent of her involvement in the Plame affair, and that he would've been more cooperative with prosecutors if he had known the extent of her involvement with Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Mr Keller also admitted that he backed off questioning the Times' prior WMD assertions when the Wilson report came out, because "it felt somehow unsavory" to question his predecessors in his job. "I was trying to get my arms around a huge new job, appoint my team, get the paper fully back to normal, and I feared the WMD issue could become a crippling distraction."

Yeah, well fuck you, Mr. Keller. What about your duty to inform the public? What about your duty to the truth?! It really makes the public confident in your ability to run the most important newspaper in America -- if not the world -- when you make decisions on which stories to investigate and which ones to bury based on office politics.

As for Judith Miller, she apparently got in bed with the Bush administration by buying in unquestionably to their unsubstantiated Chalabi-sponsored, Rove-approved FUD... and then stayed in bed with them and lied to federal prosecutors in order to support her undeserved reputation as a journalist.

Keller deserves a pink slip. Miller deserves to go back to prison a little while longer. Maybe she can share a cell with Libby. They could spend their days reminiscing fondly about their time in Aspen together.

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