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Wilma approaches Cozumel, Cancun.

Hurricane Wilma has started her turn to the north, and is approaching the beautiful island of Cozumel and the resort city of Cancun. Now a CAT-4, its maximum winds have reduced to "only" 150 MPH. Wilma is coming in slow, and landfall isn't expected until tomorrow morning, though the effects of the hurricane have been felt for the last 10 hours or so.

Tens of thousands in the Cancun region have been ordered evacuated, but its not clear to what degree they are actually leaving. There is a very active LiveJournal community in Mexico, so let's listen in on what some of them are saying as the hurricane approaches...

fresita - "Wilma is very erratic. They're saying it will come into the penninsula by Cozumel (Punta Alan) and exit through Cancun. Either way, Cancun is going to get it pretty bad. This is the worst hurricane in history, apparently. We have canned goods, bread, lots of water, medical supplies, juice, fruit, etc. Phone lines are starting to go downtown, cell phone lines are saturated.

We no longer have cable, but our internet is surprisingly quick. At 7pm, they will be shutting off the electricity everywhere. It is supposed to hit at 7am tomorrow (meanwhile we'll have storms and whatnot) and it will last 20 hours, approximately. The hurricane winds are very strong and all, but it's moving very slowly, so we'll be in the middle of it for a while. By 3am tomorrow night, hopefully, we'll have electricity/water/internet again.

I've been taking pictures. It's so weird to see all the traffic lights gone all over town.

If you speak Spanish, read this. [Google translated!] The hotel zone is being evacuated. We're expecting waves about 5m [16 feet] high. I'm pretty scared, because I've lived through some bad ones, and none are as bad as this one is going to be. But cukiflais and I will be together, so I won't be freaking out alone. I wish I was in Denmark. :/

11:33 update
Lorenia says:
Wilma is advancing at 6 m/h. I run faster than that.
David says:
Well, then you can escape the hurricane by taking a little walk.


Oh, yeah, Tania (cukiflais) is SNORING. She's fast asleep. CHEAP DATE. One vodka-grape and she's out. HOW CAN ANYONE SLEEP THROUGH THIS? Our power keeps going out but I STILL HAVE CABLE INTERNET, GO FIG.

Edit 11:48pm : Um. Our power keeps freaking out. I just found out the reason we have power at all is because my land-lady has a... something. I don't know what. No, not a generator. Most of the rest of the city has no electricity. Ugh. But whatever. Things keep making exploding sounds and there's debris hitting the windows and it's really freaking me the fuck out. I haven't been this scared in a long time. WHAT THE HELL. :(

daynapanda - "I love how the local weather channel says that it'll be "rainy and WINDY". WINDY!?!?!?
That fucking thing is HUGE and all they do is type "windy". How funny. We've been having really strong wind since around 1 this afternoon. That's quite scary because with Emily, we didn't have strong wind until about 4 or 5 hours before it hit. I do not know when I will lose power and obviously I don't know when I'll get it back, but a few awesome people are going to call me and make a post for me to let you all know the Roman household is doing fine.
I'm not afraid our house will fall apart... however, I do ask you to pray for our windows. We were not able to board them and all we got was duct tape. Oh yay. This bitch is huge and it better not break my windows! My computer and tv will go bye bye if it breaks the ones in my bedroom and of course, we don't want that. I'll make a post as soon as I have power again."


I sure hope they don't get 20 hours of a category-4 hurricane to chew on. That's just too much of a bad thing.

It's getting late back here in California. Expect me to update this post sometime early tomorrow, though...

Update: I was going to share other posts from people in Cancun and the surrounding area, but communications are completely out for over 150 miles from the eye! Internetwise, Cancun is a dead zone right now. Even the official government radar for the area is down. Sure hope that those I cited above are going to be alright.

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