Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Wilma becomes a hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center just upgraded tropical storm Wilma to hurricane status.

They also report that "a high likelihood of rapid strengthening is indicated . . . It is likely that Wilma will be a major hurricane when it enters the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico."

They have a wind speed probability table up which gives Wilma a 50% chance of being Cat-3 or above within 72 hours. Pretty agressive prediction, considering that it won't even be entering the Gulf of Mexico until about then. We don't even know whether it will hit land first.

Even though the hurricane isn't making landfall in the U.S. until Saturday afternoon at the earliest, all the computer models say that Florida is the target this time around. I sure hope it lays off of the Ft. Myers area... those people got wallopped not too long ago, and I wouldn't like to see them go through the same thing again.

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