Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Calling shenanegans on the Iraqi election.

Iraq's independent electoral commission is delaying the release of the election results, citing "unusually high" voting numbers and possible voting discrepencies in several regions of Iraq.

Veteran Iraq reporter Chris Albritton also seems to think that the vote tally is seriously in doubt in the Iraqi province of Ninevah. This is a big deal, because there were signs of a very high Sunni turnout there on the day of the election, and yet there's little sign that they voted, unless a lot more voted yes than expected.

So, we have an incredibly divisive, polarized election which will decide who runs everything. It will also help decide to what extent big multinational interests will be able to dominate the country's struggling economy. There are convincing, serious reasons to suspect that a full investigation into the election could change the outcome, a considerable minority of the public is on the verge of open revolt, and we're almost certain to get judges and lawyers involved in this mess before its all over with. It's quite possibly the worst case scenario.

Congratulations everyone... we've finally brought American-style democracy to Iraq!

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